U-Cut Enterprises, Inc. started up in April of 1993, with 4 employees, U-Cut was primarily started up as a file room for B&B Lumber Company, Inc.  As time went on U-Cut slowly started expanding and taking on more customers.  Currently U-Cut services approximately 30 customers on a weekly base for wide band servicing.

                As U-Cut was growing we became a distributor for many suppliers.  This led us into the sales of equipment that we use on a daily bases in our facility and in B&B’s facility.  This has given us the ability to test the equipment we are selling and give a true opinion to our customer of the equipment’s value. 

                In the spring of 1995 U-Cut and American Saw Mfg. Co. formed a partnership to distribute Lenox Woodmaster bandsaws.  With U-Cut located on the premises of B&B Lumber this proved to be an ideal testing facility for American Saw.

                Lenox Woodmaster bands are custom welded to length by factory trained employees in our certified welding center.  We currently stock 20 different materials for immediate shipping.  This allows the customer to choose the blade best suited for his needs.  We offer a sharpening service for the thin kerf bands as well as carry various other supplies relating to the thin kerf bands.

                Currently U-Cut employees 10 people in our wide band shop, sharpening on average 100+ saws per week.  Our shop consisting of the following equipment:

5 Leveling & Tensioning benches made by U-CUT

                3 with 10” Williams and White stretcher rolls

                2with 17” Williams and White stretcher rolls

1 Vollmer Plasma Tipper

1 Jacobson Plasma Tipper

2 Vollmer dual side grinder

1 Wright dual side grinder

7 Williams & White grinders

                3 Model 208 capable of doing from 2” – 8” saws

                4 Model 414 capable of doing from 4” – 14” saws

2 Hanchett grinders

2 Simonds Bandsaw levelers

1 Simonds Bandsaw Automatic Bench

Our carbide shop consist of the following:

Armstrong model 3, 60” circle tensioner

Reform Knife Grinder with 74” magnetic chuck

Acme topper / facer

Foley facer

Systi Matic Topper

Wright dual side grinder

Wright strobe grinder

Foley all purpose grinder

This shop currently works saws from 8” – 72”

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